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Dr. M. Buhari Mohammed, CEO

As Chief Executive Officer of Heart of Ohio Family Health, I value the opportunity to enhance the access to quality healthcare, and to advance the important advocacy and awareness initiatives that strive to make one’s health a priority. From being a general practitioner to serving as an administrator, the course of my career has exposed me to the future challenges from a policy, application, and implementation perspective.

At this part of my journey, I am fortunate to work with a community of individuals with diverse pathways, perspectives, beliefs, cultures, abilities, and identities who are committed to interact with and learn from one another. Collectively, our goal is for everyone to be respected and receive equitable access to a quality life.

Our mission at Heart of Ohio Family Health is to provide high-quality, holistic and compassionate care to meet the healthcare needs of everyone in our diverse community on heart at a time. We fulfill this creed through empathy, compassion, and patience while being flexible and creative in our effort to meet the challenges of an evolving society.

Since our founding in 2003, the governance of this organization is managed by board members who reflect the diversity of the communities that we serve, some of whom are patients as well. The Board’s insight, proactive leadership, and talented staff productivity contributes to the various benefits experienced by our patients every day. Our organization also continues to explore partnerships and opportunities that will continue to help us to impact and enhance individual, family, and community wellness.

I am proud to say that I am committed to developing pathways for clinical and administrative effectiveness that result in quality patient outcomes. Additionally, I am fortunate to have gained valuable perspectives from my experience as a clinical consultant providing operational site review through the Management Strategists Consulting Group (MSCG), and experiences with Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) with the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), that can be weaved into strategic planning towards successful outcomes of this organization and the community that we serve.


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